The Karaoke Theatre Company: Synopsis

Cast: 2 male / 3 female + one non-speaking male or female role.
Running time (approximate):
Two hours and thirty minutes (approximate) - not including interval.
Availability: Consuming Passions is not currently available for production.
Acting Edition: Consuming Passions has not been published.

Alan Ayckbourn's copy for the SJT 2016 brochure


Eddie / Evie (A silent stage manager)
The Karaoke Theatre Company proudly presented by Pendon Productions in association with Alan Ayckbourn.

Scarborough's chance to sample the work of this exciting, ground-breaking group which has taken everywhere they have visited by storm.
Live theatre at its very best with a strong emphasis on the 'live'. This inventive and versatile company presents a slick, fast moving conception of farce, comedy, drama and melodrama, all topped off with a dash of good old fashioned stage magic.
But true to their name, what actually happens during a performance by
The Karaoke Theatre Company is largely up to you, the audience.


The Karaoke Theatre Company features five short plays in which the audience is invited to interact and which allows for a significant amount of improvisation by the acting company.

Between each play, the company explains the involvement required from the audience for the next part as well as choosing volunteers where needed.

The play begins with a 'tennis match' to show the principles of the evening (members of the audience creating sound effects to accompany the actors hitting the imaginary tennis ball) before progressing onto
The Plumber (a farce), The Sister (a period drama), Whodunit? (a scandi-noir thriller), Horror Story (a gothic drama) and Find The Girl (a magic act).

Note: Further details about The Karaoke Theatre Company can be found on the FAQs page.

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